The following are the members of the Managing Committee of Saint Arnold’s School, Bhubaneswar approved and appointed for two years by the Governing Body of the Divine Word Educational Society

 1  Fr.Luvis Ronald Pereira  President, DWES  President
 2  Fr. Richard Vaz  Manager  Secretary
 3  Mr. Padmanabha Rath  Principal  Principal
 4  Bro. ElijiusMinj  Vice-Principal  Vice-Principal
 5  Fr. Baptist D’ Souza  Director  Member
 6  Ms.Nandita Mohapatra  Teacher Representative  Member
 7  Mr.Ajit Digal  Teacher Representative  Member
 8  Ms. Rekha Biswas  Parents Representative  Member
 9  Mr. Sanjeeb Kumar Pani  Parents Representative  Member