The Management of Saint Arnold’s school provides safe, reliable and efficient bus facilities for students. This offers a great relief for many parents who fulfill the responsibility of pick and drop of their children for their studies. All the buses are fitted with GPS, Fire extinguisher, Speed governor etc. While we are committed to offer best of the bus services to you, we cannot do it without your cooperation and understanding. We have framed the policies taking into consideration safety and the convenience of the students based on the directives given by the SC and State Government.

  • Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children while they are waiting for the bus and returning home from the designated bus stop.
  • Students are requested to be present at their designated bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time and should wait up to 10 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.
  • Pickup times are only estimated times and may vary due to weather, road conditions, or as students are added/deleted from bus routes during the course of the year.
  • If a student misses the bus, the parent must find alternate means of transporting the child to school.
  • During inclement weather, a bus driver may determine that a street/road cannot be negotiated safely. Parents are responsible for making alternate arrangements to ensure that their child gets to school.
  • Students while traveling on the school bus must maintain discipline. Any student guilty of misconduct will not be allowed to avail the bus facility.
  • A student shall be refused the bus facility if involved in damage to the bus property or causing any kind of disturbance to other students sitting in the bus or any kind of act that amounts to ragging. Any damage done to the bus will have to be compensated by the student/parent
  • Discontinuation of bus facility will only be allowed term wise. Bus facility cannot be discontinued for any particular month.
  • Bus facility will be immediately terminated if the dues are not cleared on time.
  • No transport facility shall be available for other activities / events that school may plan on holidays / vacations.
  • Students/ parents will not have any transactions / altercation / with the bus staff. Bus employees are not authorized to change/add bus stops.
  • Parents are requested to note down any violations committed by the driver or the bus staff and immediately report to the school Management.
  • Please cooperate with the drivers and attendants. It takes nearly two weeks to set the transport route. Hence, there is a possibility of mismatch of timings given to you at the start
  • The school should be informed about any change of address or contact number, immediately to avoid any inconveniences.
  • The school has taken utmost care for the safety and convenience of the students. Any suggestion/ complaint regarding the transport service are to be made in writing strictly to the Management only.
  • Bus fees are dependent upon escalation of various factors which are not in the control of Management and therefore Management reserves all the rights to revise the Bus facility charges at any point of time.
  • For students in grades Pre-K to 3, an adult or older sibling must be present at the bus stop to supervise the pickup or delivery of the student. These students will not be delivered to an unsupervised bus stop, but rather will be returned to the school and the parent/guardian notified. The Management expects parents to play the role of a vigilant observer on this sensitive matter that involves safety of our children.
  • Click here to download School Bus Form