Saint Arnold Janssen (1837-1909) was born on November 5th, in Goch, Germany to a devout catholic couple, one of the eleven siblings. He was a great educationist and philanthropist. As a priest he served as a high-school teacher in mathematics and science.He is the founder of the society of the Divine Word or SocietasverbiDivini (SVD) in Latin, a Catholic International Society whose members are involved in education, social welfare, justice and peace, communication, medical care and spiritual development of the humankind in about 80 countries.

Saint Arnold’s School, a co-educational institution is situated in KalingaViharHIG/489, K-5 Bhubaneswar 751019,a residential area developed by Bhubaneswar Development Authority. Realizing the need for providing quality English Medium education to students of the newly founded residential area, the Society of the Divine Word established the school in the year 2002. Today this tiny seed has grown into an imposing structure adding to the beauty of KalingaVihar-Bhubaneswar surrounded by garden and trees spread over more than 6 acres with spacious ground for further expansion and development of the school.

Saint Arnold’s School became a full-fledged High School in 2013 when the first batch of students was sent up for ICSE Board examinations. It has always been securing 100% result in the ICSE Board Exam since its foundation. In response to the new challenges in the educational environment, the management has come up with a new vision for the school - “Academic Excellence and integrity”. New initiatives by the management are designed to strengthen the academy’s capacity to foster students’ personal and social responsibility.We hope the students who pass out of the portals of this institution would be well integrated persons, synthesizing their mind and heart with high and creative thinking for the molding of a better society.

The school presents a clean, friendly and healthy environment with dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate teachers.It has well-furnished Smart classrooms with CCTV surveillance, well-designed computer and science labs to explore and experiment. .

The school has KYC (Know your child) program and total digitization of the entire school system forthe coming academic session. For the all-round development of students, the school offers a well-developed sport facility for football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, badminton etc. It has also introduced scouts & guides, community service and green brigade to foster better school-community collaboration.

The school has remodeled its existing structure to develop infrastructure and technology for academic excellence, creative pursuits and skill for the students to be global citizens. In the new academic session 2018-2019 we will be launching CTI lab (Computational Thinking & Innovation) to transform students from passive technology users to active inventors and Innovators.

CTI lab a unique effort to enhance the existing learning levels of students is a concept driven approach that aims to further strengthen the students’ analytical skills and problem solving abilities besides generating creative thinking to help them pursue excellence in different fields.

We are committed to make Saint Arnold a unique school in Bhubaneswar with academic excellence and outstanding integrity.

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  • Vision: Academic excellence and integrity
  • Mission: St. Arnold School exists:
  • To provide students a top-quality education to achieve their full human potential
  • To create a safe, motivating and nurturing environment conducive to learning and development of self-esteem.
  • To prepare students to be responsible and prolific citizens.
  • To create opportunities for parents and community to actively involve on students’ learning